Enhancing Experiences With Intentional Design

My name is Kyle Adams and I’m passionate about designing icons. A few years ago I was designing user interfaces for a Fortune 500 company. It was during that time my love for designing great experiences first began. Layouts, user experience, functionality, you name it, I was enthralled. As time went on I realized that I’m at my best when I can bring experiences to life with icons. As my love for icons grew more apparent, I knew something had to change.
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I’m on a Mission to Make Every Experience a Great One

I’d spent years studying icons. It seemed like lots of designers made them, but few shared how to do so. So I researched everything I could. I knew that this depth of knowledge I had acquired about the topic was going to waste. Though designing user interfaces was great, I decided to pursue icons full time. Helping business achieve their goals and teaching other designers to do the same became my number one goal.

I’ve Written Almost 100 Articles About Icon Design

Through my blog I’ve shared a wealth of information about icons. My vision of sharing what I know with others has come true and the feedback has been incredible. In the past two years, thousands of people have signed up to receive weekly blog post about the topic and have downloaded The Icon Designer’s Handbook. These results are beyond what I imagined but I haven’t stopped there.
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Incredible Clients Have Brought My Icons to Life

The clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with see beyond the superficial and desire real results. We’ve worked together to target their goals. Each project is a new story waiting to be told. The final case studies put that story front and center by highlighting exactly how the final icon came to be. It became clear that bringing these stories to life is also part of my passion. So I joined a podcast.
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I Want to Help You Be Successful

Whether you’re developing an app or website that needs to have an excellent user experience, or a designer as passionate about icons as I am, I want to help you. This website is my platform. Everything from my portfolio to blog articles and products can be found here. If I can use my passion to help you, please contact me. Below are a few things my clients have said about the work I’ve delivered to them. It’s great to see real results and I can’t begin to describe how excited I am for what the future holds.
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Kyle was essential to shaping and distinguishing our app. His artwork improved the quality of the app significantly, and his advice helped cast a vision that made it recognizable and unique. It’s a pleasure working with Kyle, because the product improves so dramatically with his help. Thaddeus Ternes

Bluetoo Ventures

The beautiful icon design by Kyle has changed the way my customers look at my app for the better. Icons are the face of an app; the object that define how much the developers care about their work. Tens of thousands of apps on the Mac App Store have boring, uninviting, and generic icons that turn people away. Users ask themselves, if the developer wasn’t willing to spend the time or money to get a professional icon, why would the app be any different? In the case of Dayspring, an app I developed for the Mac, having a beautifully-designed icon by Kyle Adams encouraged potential customers to purchase the app more than they had before. However, to my surprise, the warm and friendly nature of Kyle’s icon design had another effect: users wanted to showcase my app in the dock, and my users were using Dayspring more than ever before. If every user’s experience with your app is important to you, I strongly recommend that you hire Kyle Adams, no matter what platform you develop for. Paul Dunahoo

Bread and Butter Software, LLC


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