Great colors. Every time.

I’ve been there. Sitting in front of a computer trying color after color.

You’re unsure about your choices while others seem to have no trouble making beautiful color palettes.

As a designer, you should just know this stuff, right?


It can take years to find a color process that works well for you and train your eyes to know when everything is just right.


Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Creating

Choosing Great Colors focuses on giving you the tools you need to improve your color process quickly.

I’ve spent 8 years working on my approach to color, and I’m sharing everything I know in this course.

Once you’re able to choose colors for your project quickly and easily, you’ll have more time to refine everything. That means better work, happier clients, and less stress.


How to Find Really Good Colors From a Photo in Less Than 5 Min.

Choosing Great Colors will be available soon, but in the meantime I want to give you a high value guide to getting really good colors quickly and easily. 


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