Let’s make your project shine.

The number 1 goal of any project is to move your business forward. You’ve taken a lot of time to build on an idea, and I’m here to carry that passion into my area of expertise.

Here are a few ways I’ll make that happen:

  • I want to know all I can about your mission and what you’re about (so don’t hold back).
  • If you need more than icons and illustrations, let’s talk about it so we can get the results you need.
  • I’ll show how I’ve achieved your goals in a well documented case study. Every choice is intentional. You can see examples of what to expect on my work page.

It’s about them, not us.

I believe whole heartedly that a good design project is focused on the people you’re trying to reach. I take great care to make decisions based on the audience, not subjective preference.

If you want results that resonate with you rather than your target audience, I’m not the right fit for your project.


I approached Kyle because of his objective process, clean style, and meticulous attention to detail. I had high expectations and he surpassed them. If you are looking for a beautiful icon that communicates your project better than words, look no further.

I highly recommend you entrust him with your project. You will have peace of mind as he handles and effectively communicates every detail and walks you through each step of the process. The result will be better than you hoped for.

Sean McCabe


Kyle was essential to shaping and distinguishing our app. His artwork improved the quality of the app significantly, and his advice helped cast a vision that made it recognizable and unique. It’s a pleasure working with Kyle, because the product improves so dramatically with his help.


Thaddeus Ternes

Bluetoo Ventures

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I look forward to hearing from you!


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