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Keep Moving Forward

Do you remember the first time you got on a bike? I can’t say I remember my first time, but I do remember the learning process.

I’m sure I feel off more times than I can possibly remember. I wasn’t an extremely clumsy kid, but there’s one specific insolent that stands out in my mind. Our house had a half circle driveway outside that was great for riding my bike. I would go from one side to the other, out to the side of the street, and back into the driveway.

One day a friend and I were racing around the driveway, trying to catch each other and gaining more confidence in our peddling skills with every lap. Then the inevitable happened… I fell off… directly onto a patch of loose gravel.

After cleaning up my leg, I realized that a small rock had forced it’s way under my skin and was now lodged just below my kneecap. I’m not sure if it was my young energy or shock, but it didn’t hurt as bad as you might think.

The next time I had an opportunity to ride my bike, I took off without fear of making the same mistake. I was cautious in the spot where I fell, but it didn’t stop me from getting back on that bike. If anything I was smarter than before I fell. I knew how to avoid slipping and understood what would happen if I did it again.

Learn From Mistakes

When we’re young, trial and error doesn’t seem silly at all, it’s just part of the learning process. Failures aren’t embarrassing, they’re simply mistakes we make on the way to learning something.

Children will try things over and over until they get it right. Standing and falling until they can walk, playing a video game until you might mistake them for one of the developers, or falling off a bike until they learn to ride it.

You can’t master a skill until you do it over and over. If you want to design amazing icons, you have to make mistakes before you learn to avoid them.

The icon I used for this blog post is meant to be a reminder of coming back to things over and over until you’ve won the race. Riding bikes doesn’t end when you’re a child, the top bicyclists in the world never stop training.

Keep Moving

Don’t stop until you’re the best at what you do. It’s not out of reach, it simply takes the courage to show up and keep trying.

Yes, you’ll make lots of mistakes. In fact, some of those mistakes might make you think you can’t keep going. But I know you can, and you can master it by practicing relentlessly.

The Keep Moving print will be available July 1st. It’s a reminder to never stop trying, to get back up every day and keep working toward your goals. Take one step per day, no matter how big or small.

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