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Music discovery is┬ávital to any enthusiast. There’s a mystery to it and a sudden rush when you find that next great song.

The Cryptic concept strives to make that process even more mysterious and alluring. It’s not your typical┬ámusic app and that’s exactly what it doesn’t want to be.

Research & Sketching

The process started with understanding the basics of music interfaces. It was important to take plenty of time analyzing the standard shape of each icon because this interface required deviations.

Though I typically stick with universally accepted icon structure, this project called for something a bit more mysterious in nature.After all, this app is about discovery and exporation more than a straightforward experience.

I drew and redrew the icons countless times. Each time looking for the balance between established music navigation and something foreign.

Final Concept


Cryptic is a new way to experience music that is somewhat mysterious yet familiar in nature.

Keeping the icons relatively close to their traditional forms while exploring the aesthetic of ancient glyphs highlighted the underlying mission of curious discovery. It’s reminiscent of discovering ancient runes and unlocking their secrets.


The Colors are simple yet elegant in an effort to let the album art shine.